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By: Excellent Webworld | October 14, 2019

People now-days love to go mobile for their leisure. They won’t hesitate to use mobile applications that help them in their daily routine.

Recipe app is such app that has made people’s work less especially those who are new to cooking and don’t know how much ingredient need to cook a particular amount of quantity food.

Looking at the inclination of the people for such kinds of app, there are lots of opportunity for the start-ups and entrepreneur who want to start their own recipe app as a start-up.

Here’s the must-have features you must include if you want to start your own recipe app business.

1. Search recipe by keyword or by chef


One of the main feature which is imperative to consider is to allow your users to search recipes by t...

By: Excellent Webworld | September 24, 2019

California is the first state in the United States to legalize medical marijuana. Exactly 20 years later Californians voted to in favor of legal marijuana for recreational purpose as well.

Delivering marijuana products to these areas and completing transactions could be considered illegal. There are some common issues that major services have trouble with but continue to service customers that are allowed to purchase both medical and recreation cannabis.

But the rules have been changed for cannabis delivery service. And you must at least have knowledge before starting cannabis delivery services in California.

GPS Tracking Device


One of the main change has happened in the delivery service is the vehicle. All the vehicle delivery canna...

By: Excellent Webworld | September 11, 2019

The trend in telemedicine app development has been at its peak. Doctors and other health professionals who have enough experience in this niche are starting their on app platform like Doctor on demand. In this scenario, it becomes unblemished to consider the cost factor for developing telemedicine app.

Here’s what you need to consider while you are investing in telemedicine app development.

Cost to Develop Telemedicine Platform

If you are expecting a quality result from your app then you have to pay attention to some distinctive features.

  • Big Data Analytics

Every telemedicine software or app must be able to gather and store large amounts of data. This big data analytics is utilized in EMR, Real-time alerting features, and aids consolidate i...

By: Excellent Webworld | July 08, 2019


There is a vast opportunity out there in the online market for women who want to be their own boss.


Especially those who want to work from home and look for the idea that can be easy to start and someone that can guide them throughout the process.


Thinking outside the box ideas for women helps you to stand out among the other competitors


Here are few ideas for the business you may want to consider starting up:


Most Popular Online business ideas for women


1. Ebay Entrepreneurs


If you develop the right marketing skills, you can sell anything on eBay. The company continues to be an inexpensive lucrative selling tool for everything whether it’s a broken tools or real estate.


You can find the best Retail...

By: Excellent Webworld | June 24, 2019

Online Taxi Apps like Uber

Are you looking for an alternative to Uber? Perhaps as a rider or as an on-demand taxi enterprise that is looking for a role model. We have gathered a list from around the world of the best mobile ride-booking apps like Uber (but not Uber).

When people talk about taxi apps, Uber might be the name on the tip of their tongue. However, it's not by any means the only name out there for ride-hailing and ride-sharing services through an application.

Coming straight to the point. Here are the most popular Uber alternative apps from all over the world.

1. Ola

Since 2010, Ola Cabs; India's most well-known rideshare company is active in 100+ Indian cities. They have more than 50,000,000+ passengers in India that are served by 600,000 registered Ola drive...