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By: Excellent Webworld | September 24, 2019

California is the first state in the United States to legalize medical marijuana. Exactly 20 years later Californians voted to in favor of legal marijuana for recreational purpose as well.

Delivering marijuana products to these areas and completing transactions could be considered illegal. There are some common issues that major services have trouble with but continue to service customers that are allowed to purchase both medical and recreation cannabis.

But the rules have been changed for cannabis delivery service. And you must at least have knowledge before starting cannabis delivery services in California.

GPS Tracking Device


One of the main change has happened in the delivery service is the vehicle. All the vehicle delivery canna...

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android tap and pay apps

Google wallet is the best tap and pay app that 'gives you a chance to leave your credit cards or money in your pocket and pay with your phone. Making tap-to-pay work, in any case, requires turning on Near Field Communication (NFC), which empowers your phone to converse with the payment terminal.


To guarantee that you don't get a blank gaze from the clerk on the grounds that your phone payment isn't working, pursue these steps to guarantee that you'll discover mobile payment success.


You'll have to go for Settings > NFC. At that point, ensure you turn NFC on. The definite way will look somewhat changed depending on your device, however all similar choices ought to be there.


Most present d...

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Best Alexa Command

Popular 40 Alexa Voice Commands That you Need to Know

So you have an Amazon Echo yet you're twiddling your thumbs, uncertain what to really say to it. Regardless of whether you're searching for music commands or simply adhered for something to ask, we're here with our most loved Amazon Alexa commands.

Furthermore, it's not just about music on interest. Alexa will enable you to control your smart home gear, get reminders and access news as well.

Your first Alexa Commands.

"Alexa, play [artist] name."

"Alexa, set a clock for [xx] minutes."

"Alexa, what's the climate today?"

"Alexa, set an alert for [time]."

"Alexa, play [radio station]."

 Basic Alexa Music Commands

 "Alexa, play [genr...

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By: Excellent Webworld | January 10, 2019

The app world has changed since its inception. Thousands if not tens of thousands of app development companies have emerged and made their name in the past years, as more and more people started affording to buy smartphones. There are two major operating systems, each having its own app store where development companies or individual coders upload their apps: Android and iOS; but, what next?

Many entrepreneurs and enterprises spend a lot of time and money to create the perfect mobile app, and yet the work is not done here. They have to invest more money to promote the app, pay for all the advertising and promotional campaigns. But still the app is downloaded by only a handful of users, why did this happen? Well, app business is quite a toug...

By: Excellent Webworld | January 04, 2019

how to use android instant apps

Has it ever occurred to you when your friend gave you a link of a short video and when you try to open that link a small pop up window shows up and gives you the notification to download a certain application?  What if you download that app and play the video, you end up disliking it? you feel like you have wasted your time and mobile data as well.

Well, Android app users are well aware of that problem.

But the good news is that Android has come with the best possible solution in the form of Instant apps.

In this article, I will show you what is an android instant app and how to use the Android instant app?

What is an android instant app?

An instant app only loads the portions of the app needed to perform the current action. The portio...