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By: Excellent Webworld | June 24, 2019

Online Taxi Apps like Uber

Are you looking for an alternative to Uber? Perhaps as a rider or as an on-demand taxi enterprise that is looking for a role model. We have gathered a list from around the world of the best mobile ride-booking apps like Uber (but not Uber).

When people talk about taxi apps, Uber might be the name on the tip of their tongue. However, it's not by any means the only name out there for ride-hailing and ride-sharing services through an application.

Coming straight to the point. Here are the most popular Uber alternative apps from all over the world.

1. Ola

Since 2010, Ola Cabs; India's most well-known rideshare company is active in 100+ Indian cities. They have more than 50,000,000+ passengers in India that are served by 600,000 registered Ola drivers. They’ve recently gone global by entering the Australian market in 2018. In Australia, their presence is in all the major cities like Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Gold Coast and Canberra. Their next target is the UK.

2. DiDi

DiDi is a ridesharing application providing transport services all through China. DiDi has more than 31 million drivers and 550 million clients around the world (but mainly in all of China). DiDi is among the biggest taxi hailing enterprises working in Asia, Australia and South America.

DiDi’s clients are so faithful towards the company; the only way Uber could enter the Chinese market was to converge with it. So DiDi enterprise acquired Uber China. DiDi allows you to request public taxis as well as private vehicles, and also share a ride in carpooling.

3. GoCatch

GoCatch is the most popular on-demand taxi service in Australia. You can book a rideshare cab, taxi or taxi van within minutes from the GoCatch application. GoCatch is one of Uber's greatest opponents in Australia.

One thing that GoCtach does differently from Uber, which makes it loved by the locals is that it doesn’t charge surge price in rush hours as Uber does. GoCatch has the largest taxi fleet in Australia. When all the other taxi services charge the regular 10% surcharge on credit card payment, GoCatch only charges 5%.

4. Taxify

Taxify was created initially in Tallinn, Estonia. They slowly spread across several countries, offering modest lifts all through the world. As of 2019, Taxify is in 30 countries from Europe, Australia, Africa, West of Asia, and North America.

Taxify is one of the new taxi app enterprises to succeed. They have more than 25 million customers that are served by 500,000 Taxify drivers. To attract new customers and raise their user base, Taxify offered huge discounts for the first month that they went global.

5. Le Cab

LeCab is a France-based taxi app startup. Uber is banned in all of France, and this became a significant factor in LeCab becoming the dominating enterprise in Paris. It is said that you can book a LeCab from anywhere in Paris and the cab won’t take more than 5 minutes to get to you.

The company has also started providing private jets to Paris! With their airline partner, PrivateFly, you can get to Paris from any major city. The company honors its complete French connection by using only french built Peugeot 508 cars as their choice of vehicle.


Uber like app development is not an easy feat. If you are thinking about creating such an app-based taxi startup or upgrade your existing taxi app, you need the assistance of a very skillful and experienced taxi app development company.