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By: Excellent Webworld | September 24, 2019

California is the first state in the United States to legalize medical marijuana. Exactly 20 years later Californians voted to in favor of legal marijuana for recreational purpose as well.

Delivering marijuana products to these areas and completing transactions could be considered illegal. There are some common issues that major services have trouble with but continue to service customers that are allowed to purchase both medical and recreation cannabis.

But the rules have been changed for cannabis delivery service. And you must at least have knowledge before starting cannabis delivery services in California.

GPS Tracking Device


One of the main change has happened in the delivery service is the vehicle. All the vehicle delivery cannabis must have a GPS tracking device.


It will aid the legal authorities to monitor the couriers to ensure they are meeting the standards set by the state.

Stipulates that the device attached to the vehicle shall remain active and inside of the delivery vehicle at all times during delivery.


The Bureau of cannabis control stipulates that “ the device shall constantly or temporally be affixed to the vehicle and shall remain active at all the times during delivery.


 Delivery request recipes


For maintaining the compliance and submit delivery sales to the metrc reporting system, cannabis store owners must create delivery request recipes for every single order. Once the transaction has been done, the driver must give a copy to the customer and keep one copy for dispensary records.


There is a list of information required on the delivery request receipt. Check out the list and follow for your delivery service if you are thinking of starting a delivery service for marijuana.


  • First name and employee number of delivery courier

  • Name and address of cannabis dispensary

  • First name and employee number of the staff member who prepared the order

  • Date and time delivery was requested

  • Delivery address

  • Description of the products provided including weight, volume, or units

  • Total amount paid for the delivery, including taxes, fees, cost of cannabis and delivery charges



If you are thinking of starting a cannabis delivery service in California, don’t forget to comply with the latest regulations and rules. 

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