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By: Excellent Webworld | September 11, 2019

The trend in telemedicine app development has been at its peak. Doctors and other health professionals who have enough experience in this niche are starting their on app platform like Doctor on demand. In this scenario, it becomes unblemished to consider the cost factor for developing telemedicine app.

Here’s what you need to consider while you are investing in telemedicine app development.

Cost to Develop Telemedicine Platform

If you are expecting a quality result from your app then you have to pay attention to some distinctive features.

  • Big Data Analytics

Every telemedicine software or app must be able to gather and store large amounts of data. This big data analytics is utilized in EMR, Real-time alerting features, and aids consolidate information on Diseases that will prevent them in the future.


Hence, for structuring and finding the ways to ensure the safe search is somewhere hard task for a developer and need more investment.


  • AI Integration


This is another costly but rewarding investment. AI chatbots are effective health care. Apart from helping patients fill in sign up form it also supports patients with a questionnaire.


The chatbots can work as an alternative in the absence of the doctor.


  • Quality Assurance


QA professionals make sure that the code works as planned according to client’s demands. In truth, some clients consider QA as an additional expense. But by forbidding it they ultimately add other expenses that come after finding malfunctioning features.




Telehealth app development has gradually become a lucrative business for investors. But to create an app for that need some cost factors to be considered. Apart from that, you have to follow security, safety, and liability provisions of respective Acts.